Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sweet Orange Facial Toner

     Today I will be reviewing Azure Naturals Sweet Orange Facial Toner. Let me start off by saying I love the scent that this toner puts off. It is very sweet and soft but yet strong enough to stick around for a little while. All toners seem to work for me however they do tend to make my skin either break out or feel a little rough. I use this toner by putting some a cotton round and gently rubbing it into my face. I did not experience any break outs or any redness after using this product. This toner made my skin feel very soft to the touch and also felt more hydrated then it did before using this product. I did not have any issues with this product and the packaging was very slim and easy to put away. The one thing I was happy about was that I did not feel any burning when using this product like I do when using most toners. 

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