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The Right Wrong Thing by Ellen Kirschman review

The Right Wrong Thing is a novel in the thriller/mystery genre. The author, Ellen Kirschman, has been a police psychologist for more than thirty years. She is the author of the nonfiction books I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know,I Love a Fire Fighter: What the Family Needs to Know,and Counseling Cops: What Clinicians Need to Know, and Burying Ben, the first Dot Meyerhoff mystery. In this second novel,The Right Wrong Thing, Ellen offers insight into the stresses of being in law enforcement, and the rarely discussed, Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder, now associated with the job. While never condoning police brutality, the author is steadfast in her belief that, with very rare exception, people go into police work intent upon helping others. The issues of PTSD, fear while on the job, and the recent instances of hair-trigger reaction and brutality intertwined into this novel, make it's subject matter very timely. In law enforcement, hesitate or respond—either choice can spell disaster.

The storyline...

Officer Randy Spelling had always wanted to be a police officer, to follow in the footsteps of her brothers and her father. Not long after joining the force, she mistakenly shoots and kills Lakeisha Gibbs, a pregnant teenager. The community is outraged; Lakeisha’s family is vocal and vicious in their attacks against Spelling.  Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and filled with remorse, Randy is desperate to apologize to the girl’s family.  Everyone, including the police chief, warns her against this, but the young police officer will not be dissuaded.  Her attempt is catastrophic. Dr. Dot Meyerhoff, police psychologist, plunges herself into the investigation despite orders from the police chief to back off. Not only does the psychologist’s refusal to obey orders jeopardize her career, but her life as well, as she enlists unlikely allies and unconventional undercover work to expose the tangled net of Officer Spelling’s disastrous course.   

The buzz...

Those looking for a meaningful story forged against the backdrop of a relevant social construct will enjoy going on this adventure.

Artful writing ensures a smooth and well-paced reading experience. Two examples: “as the commute traffic melts into the airport traffic” and “enormous mortgages precariously balanced on the undulating waves of an uncertain economy.”

Small victories have been won for women in the male-dominated world of police work, but it is still largely powered by men. The Right Wrong Thing is brilliantly written with this dynamic in mind. Those looking for a meaningful story forged against the backdrop of a relevant social construct will enjoy going on this adventure with Randy and Meyerhoff. Not only is this a compelling read, but it is profoundly realistic.
—ForeWord Reviews Magazine

“In Kirschman’s highly satisfying second novel featuring Dr. Dot Meyerhoff
(after 2013’s Burying Ben), the consulting psychologist endorses young Randy
Spelling’s emotional stability for service as a Kenilworth, Calif., police officer. Dot later attempts to help Randy through the guilt-ridden aftermath of a panic episode that indirectly injured Randy’s partner, who blames Randy for cowardice. Intense professional and personal problems ensue for the divorced 50ish Dot after Randy, back on duty, fatally shoots Lakeisha Gibbs, a pregnant teenager who Randy mistakenly thinks is drawing a weapon. Kirschman, herself a psychologist who has served as a police department consultant, perceptively treats complex racial, feminist, personal, and political issues while providing intimate knowledge of cops’ shop procedure. She also skewers self-serving superficial “Christian-based psychology” and neatly balances Dot’s psychological expertise with her warmhearted humanity….”
—Publishers Weekly

Today I will be doing a review on the Novel The Right Wrong Thing. This book is by the Author Ellen Kirschman and it is one of the first books I have read from this author but will NOT be the last! From what I have read this is the first book published by this Author however they had the writing style of a Author who has been around for quit some time. I picked this book up at around 4 pm and ended it at around 9pm. From the start of the book to the end it completely had my full attention, and I could not find anything wrong with this book what so ever! The style of the writing flowed perfectly within each other and left my feeling breathless at the end of the novel!

Interested in this book?

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Neocell Biotin Bursts Review; Acai Berry

Product Description
Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy - or so delicious.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high-potency beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew.

Formulated from scientifically-proven ingredients, NeoCell Biotin Bursts offer a delicious alternative to your daily biotin regimen. Each chew is low in sugar and specially formulated to be as readily absorbable as possible in a delicious Brazilian Acai Berry flavor.

You'll swear your eating a treat rather than taking a supplement as you nourish your body with 10,000 mcg of biotin in each chew.  Healthy hair and skin were never this easy, or sweet!

Today I will be doing a review of the NeoCell Biotin Bursts in the flavor Acai Berry. While taking this product I did begin to notice that my nails were much stronger, and grew thicker and faster then they normally would. The flavor of these chews are amazing, and they did not leave any after taste in my mouth. These bursts are Gluton, soy and palm oil free, each chew contains 10,000 MCG Biotin, and is made to provide healthier hair, skin, and nails. The flavor like I said before it Brazilian Acai berry, and the package contains 30 soft chews. Recommended use is 1 chew daily which contains 20 calories, 5gs of cards, 3gs of sugar, 10,000 mcg of biotin, and 25 mg of acai berry. The ingredients are dried cane syrup, rice syrup, sunflower lecithim, sunflower oil, malic acid, citric acid, and stevia. 

Neocell Biotin Bursts

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Elmore Oil review

Product Description
Elmore oil is the best selling natural pain relief roll-on in Australia. It is sold in every single drugstore there, and has been the top selling all-natural pain reliever for over 20 years there. For the first time, it is now available in the USA.

Containing only 4 Natural ingredients: Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Vanilla extract, in a base of pure Olive Oil.

Part of the success of Elmore Oil is in the unique blending process, developed by the products creator, Ralph Linford. Using a philosophy of maturing the ingredients in a pre-determined mathematical sequence over an extended period of time, the process known as Triple Maturation binds the actives to the base oil and fully bonds the Vanilla, enabling it to act as a circulatory stimulus, allowing rapid pain delivery of the active ingredients into the pain affected area. Elmore Oil is the only product in the world to be blended using Triple Maturation, providing a natural product that delivers the pain relief of a prescription product.    

Today I will be doing a review on Elmore oil. I have never tried this type of product before, and was very interested in what it could actually do. When reading that it can help with muscle aches and pains I knew this was a must try for me! 
Getting the product I used it about 2 days after receiving it on my lower back. I have been having back pains for about the past 3 years and have not been able to find anything to take the pain away even for a little moment in time. With this product I noticed that I did feel a lot of relief in my lower back, and the pain seemed to be gone for about 6-7 hours before having to reapply. 
What I also like about this product is that the product itself has a roller ball. No need to worry about getting my hands dirty, or getting oil all over the place.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Screen Joy Computer Screen Cleaner

Product Description
Protect and Return Your Screens to Like New ConditionScreen Joy is among the best screen cleaners to protect your expensive electronic products. This specially formulated computer screen cleaner has been designed to clean sensitive factory coatings found on HDTV, LCD, and Plasma Screen TVs as well as smartphone, tablet and laptop screens.
The screen cleaner cloth is used to remove dust and oily fingerprints from touch screen electronics as well as a host of other household products like camera screens and lenses, GPS and portable DVD players, scanner glass, automobile displays, CDs and DVD discs, it’s even a fantastic eyeglass cleaner. Key Benefits Include:
  • Non-Toxic, Anti-streak and anti-staticSmudge, smear and print resistant
Screen Joy will loosen and break up oily prints and other surface debris while the special microfiber cloth gently lifts material away and traps it in it’s millions of tiny fibers, leaving your screen like new.
The special microfiber cleaning cloth can be safely used as an eyeglass cleaner, cleaning smudges and smears even without the spray.
Screen Joy is so good that it is protected with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.You have just found the perfect solution for those dirty screens.
Click the “add to cart” button now and buy this screen cleaner. You’re going to love this product.

Today I will be doing a review on the new Screen Joy. The package comes with the spray, as well as the Microfiber Cloth. I used this spray on many products; My phone, tv, laptop, tablet screen, and even normal table top glass. After using this product on my phone I knew it was a winner. I have very tiny scratches and smudges on the phone, which I tried everything to make it look better however nothing worked. That was until I tried this product. I even used just the cloth by itself and it took all the smudges away!

Screen Joy

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Advocare Spark

Product Description
AdvoCare Spark is a unique multi-nutrient system that was developed as a nutritional source of energy and enhanced mental focus. It's sugar free with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy, balanced and effective source of energy that won't overburden or over stimulate your body. AdvoCare Spark contains an effective amount of caffeine to give you the quick boost you're looking for, B vitamins to enhance your body's natural ability to produce and sustain its own energy, and neuroactive amino acids that help increase your mental focus and alertness by supporting your brain's ability to receive and send messages.

  • Enhances mental energy and focus
    Provides support for long-lasting energy
    Helps fight occasional drowsiness
    Over 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients
Today I will be doing a review on the Advocare Spark. I received this product in the flavor fruit punch however they have tons of other flavors to try! Such flavors like Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Mango Strawberry, and Mandarin Orange. To get the best results I took this product on a day I barely got any sleep. I took this product on a Sunday where I only got 3 hours of sleep. I got up ready for work and drank my Advocare Spark and it was amazing! I felt energized, awaken, and I did not have the jitters.

If you are interested in this product feel free to contact Laura. You can find her page Here.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Product Description
The Santa Medical non-contact infrared (IR) clinical thermometer provides a simple, expedient, and accurate way for initial fever screenings by taking the temperature of areas on the face such as the forehead or tear ducts. It obtains the body temperature reading with 0.3 degree accuracy in less than 1 second. The Santa Medical IR thermometer features an intuitive guidance system to secure positioning and confirm accurate readings. 

Today I will be doing a review on the SantaMedical Infrared Thermometer. I have never had a Thermometer like this one before so I was unsure How accurate it would be, and how I would actually like it. However I found that it was very accurate, and took NO time at all to get a reading! It was very easy to use and did not cause my daughter any discomfort. 
Buy it on amazon
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About the Product

  • Designed to take body temperatures without interference from the surrounding heat
  • One-click operation takes initial reading in less than one second
  • Memory recall of the last 32 temperature readings
  • Large Back-Lighted LCD digital screen for easy reading
  • Automatic power-off (energy saver)


JUMBiES are Two Animals in One - So a Dingo and a Bat becomes a Dingbat and a Duck and a Monkey a Duckey...our plush animals are fun and engaging. They are used in schools to teach tolerance and diversity as every JUMBiE is different just like every person.   JUMBiES ignite the imagination of children and adults!  

Today I will be doing a review on the Jumbies Which is a two animal in one product. The Jumbies that I got was Tyramasaurus. His breed mixture is Tyrannosaurus Rex & Ram. I really liked the product, and felt like it could be used for both genders female & male. I gave this to my daughter and it became her new best friend!

Go to the Jumbies Website

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ripley's Believe it or not eye popping oddities

Product Description
FOR YOUR HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Ripley's Believe It or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities! is the annual collection of strange-but-true stories from Ripley Publishing, featuring 256 pages of mind-blowing stories of animals, feats, art, pop culture, the human body and more.

Readers of all ages will discover the oddest, funniest, most awe-inspiring stories on earth – worthy of returning to again and again.

The book is the perfect gift for teens, tweens and reluctant readers. The book was just named a gold medal winner in the 2015 National Parenting Publication Awards.

The book is available through all major booksellers. The book will be easy to find - just look for the five 3D eyeballs on the cover (they’ll be looking for you.)


"Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities" is sure to entertain children and adults alike. Superbly and profusely illustrated throughout and very highly recommended for personal, community, and school library collections.” - Midwest Book Review

“Another annual from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! that delivers what it promises – a great time reading all about, well, all about all sorts of things that will make you say ‘wow!’” – Feathered Quill Reviews

"The Ripley’s people scour the world for the strangest and most interesting anomalies, and this book will not disappoint any readers interested in this sort of thing. The writing is snappy and fun. The photographs and drawings are absolutely fascinating and there are plenty of them to keep readers satisfied. This is a winner." - San Francisco Book Review

Today I will be doing a review of the Ripley's believe it or not; Eye popping oddities. I have always been very interested in anything Ripley's! I have been to their spot in Florida where they have tons of interesting facts, so when I got the chance to review this book I jumped at it. This book is filled with tons of interesting and really weird stories, and facts! From the very first page to the last this book had my full attention, not only was it packed with pictures to show the facts but it was well put together! Every year I always get the newly released Ripley's and I have to say this book was one of the best ones I have read! If you are interested in these types of interesting and strange facts this book is for you!

Go to Ripley's

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Monday, October 19, 2015

PurAthlete Endurance

Product Description
Flavor:Citrus Splash or Hawaiian Fusion |  Size:270 grams (5 Serving Pouch)

Whatever your sport, you want to be the best at it. Proper training and preparation are essential, and being your best means being ready for anything that comes your way.
PurAthlete products are uniquely formulated to meet the continuous training demands of the athlete. We use a patented combination of minerals for rapid absorption, balanced hydration, and increased energy.
With PurAthlete, you not only train more efficiently, you recover faster. All of our products are banned substance-free, ensuring you are in complete compliance with requirements and regulations.
• Rapidly replenishes electrolytes 
• Enhances and sustains nutrition 
• Increases energy levels 
• Improves mental acuity 
• Promotes continuous recovery 
• Free of toxic chemicals 
• Banned-substances free 

Today I will be doing a review on the PurAthlete Endurance. I received this product for free in return for my honest opinion which is what I will be giving you. I have tried many products like this one before, all normally which had a very bitter taste to it which made it hard for me to drink it. However with this mixture there are 2 great flavors to pick from; Citrus Splash & Hawaiian Fusion. The taste was very minimal and tasting amazing! The one thing I noticed with this product is I gained so much energy after using this product, without having that nasty aftertaste or jitterness. 

Go to their amazon page!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Resveratrol with Ginkgo Complex Capsules

Product Description

Natrition Resveratrol Polyphenol Complex with Ginkgo is a potent combination of resveratrol, grape seed extract and ginkgo to restore your youthful vitality and appearance
Studies have shown that resveratrol provides skeletal benefits not unlike those that come from endurance training. Resveratrol combined with actual endurance training has resulted in performance increases of as much as 21%. And if you have wondered how drinking 1-2 glasses of wine a day improves cardiovascular health, it is because the resveratrol in red and white wine pre-conditions your heart to help you avoid cardiac events
Grape seed extract contains antioxidants that protect soft tissue collagen in joints, and stop the free radicals that cause premature aging. This gives you healthier, firmer skin and less of the skin pigmentation that results in those brown age spots
Ginkgo is often referred to as the "brain herb". It helps regulate blood flow to the brain, and studies indicate that it may protect nerve cells damage. Ginkgo is also known as the "living fossil of earth" since it exists on earth for billions of years; its powerful antioxidant property not only benefit the brain, but also promote human longevity.
Looking younger and improving your health has never been easier
Natrition has combined all of these natural ingredients into one concentrated, high-potency capsule. Adding Natrition Resveratrol Polyphenol Complex with Ginkgo as a daily dietary supplement will boost your metabolism, improve your cardiovascular health, and even enhance your cognitive function and memory

Today I will be talking about the product Resveratrol with Ginkgo Complex Capsules. There is many reasons as to why I like these type of products so much but the main reason I love this product, and the idea of this product is due to it helping with anti-aging from within. Sure its easy to slap on some lotion and get the anti-aging effect for a month or two. However with this product is works from the inside out to ensure your skin is actually getting the full effects of the anti-aging process!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Zim's Max Crack Creme

Product Description
Fall and winter weather is just around the corner, bringing sweaters, boots, and painfully dry skin back into your life. It’s time to put away those light summer moisturizers and reach for Zim’s Max Crack Creme.

Originally developed over 60 years ago to treat cement workers cracked, dry hands and feet, Zim’s Max Crack Creme is a naturally based herbal formula perfect for softening and moisturizing your rough skin and tough patches on your elbows and feet. Paired with an affordable price, this is one cold weather item you won’t want to be without!

Simply massage a small amount of Zim’s Crack Creme where needed a few times a day and you’ll be well on your way to softer, smoother skin.

We would welcome sending you samples of Zim’s Max Crack Creme Original Liquid Formula and Zim’s Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula. We are also open to giveaways.

Zim’s Max Crack Crème is available online at

Today I will be doing a review on the Zim's mac crack creme. Before using this product I noticed my skin was getting very dry, and no matter what kind of lotion I used even getting some from my skin doctor nothing was able to work. The products I was using would provide temp. relief but always came back. After using this product for 2 weeks I noticed my skin was very smooth and soft and I did not feel any dry spots on my skin!


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Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover

Product Description
*Great decoration in your toilet
*Perfect for creating a festival atmosphere
*4 pcs in toilet, rug, seat cover, water tank cover and toilet paper box cover
*Nice coated, flexible material fits for most toilet seats
*Easy to set up

Still wondering how to decorate your bathroom for the approching Christmas day? Look at this nice Ohuhu Christmas Santa Toilet Cover Set, it is perfect for bringing a festive feel of Christmas in your bathroom. Dress everything up, and let's enjoy Christmas Day all together!

-Toilet Seat Size: 14" x  15"
-Water Tank Size: 10-1/2" x 20"
-Rug Size: 22" x 23"
-Paper Box Cover Size: 5" x 5" x 5"

Package Includes:
-1 x Rug Mat
-1 x Toilet Seat Cover
-1 x Toilet Water Tank Cover
-1 x Paper Box Cover

Today I will be doing a review on the Christmas Santa Toilet seat cover. I was very excited to be able to get the chance to review this product. I love decorating my house during the holidays however I can never find a good and classy way to decorate my bathroom. I think this product was perfect for my bathroom and added just enough holiday touch to my bathroom without going overboard! 

Go to their amazon page

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nancy Drew Sea of darkness review

Product Description
Set a Course for Danger and Discovery!

The celebrated ship “Heerlijkheid,” is usually the centerpiece of an Icelandic town’s local festival. Now that its captain has disappeared, the renovated vessel has become an eerie distraction. Did Captain Magnus sail away with a legendary treasure, or was he carried off into the night? Take the helm as detective Nancy Drew and set a course for the Sea of Darkness!

Game Features:

Solve puzzles and interrogate suspects as you retrace the steps of the missing captain
Learn the truth about the Heerlijkheid’s secret past and Iceland’s darkest days
Earn money by mastering your knowledge of the Land of Fire and Ice
Master maritime knots, terms and seaworthy tasks dating back to the 1700s
Sleuth at Amateur or Master level and erase any mistakes without starting over

Operating System:
Windows® Vista/7/8
OS X: OS X: 10.6.8 Snow Leopard/10.7 Lion/10.8 Mountain Lion/10.9 Mavericks/10.10 Yosemite or higher
Windows Minimum System Requirements:
  • 1.5 GHZ or greater Pentium 4 CPU or equivalent class
    512 MB of RAM
    3GB or more hard drive space
    128 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
    16 bit DirectX compatible sound card
    4x DVD drive
    Keyboard, mouse and speakers

Mac Minimum System Requirements:
  • Intel processor
    512 MB RAM
    3 GB or more hard drive space
    Intel GMA X3100, ATI X1600, NVIDIA 7300 graphics card or better
    4x DVD drive
    Keyboard, mouse and speakers
    Internet connection the first time the game is launched
    This game will NOT run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems (PowerMac)

Today I will be doing a review on the Nancy drew Sea of Darkness game. I have always been a fan of the Nancy drew games, and I was very excited to get the chance to review this game! This I feel as if was one of her best games due to the amazing puzzles, and the out of this world graphics! The characters within this game were very likable & I felt as if I could relate to them!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Green Tea Party Votive Candles

Product Description
When these candles arrive the Green Tea Party can begin. These candles have an energizing fragrance with a stimulating blend of crisp, cool aromatic bouquet and a variety of uplifting notes that include herbal green tea with faint back notes of clean, fresh citrus. Candles can create a mood and set the stage for any event, and ours are:
* Ideal for making a room feel comfortable and cozy
* Long burning (14-16 hours) * Even burning
* Full of fragrance * Made by hand here in the U.S.A.
* Formed around a cotton wick
GIVE The Gift Of Aromatherapy With This Luxury Scented Candle is a clean energizing Tea Party Aroma! The best scented candles set a background stage for a mood you want to create, and these candles are full of possibilities and a great gift for under thirty dollars. These are ideal for a gift bag. In fact, it;s the perfect gift for:
* romance
* healing
* your hostess
* mom
* men too - if you are looking for a man-scented candle this scent is clean and crisp and suitable for a man gift * a house warming
* an adult birthday
* or for any holiday occasion. GreenTea Party candles also makes a perfect fresh corporate business gift. We recognize that fragrance preference is very personal, so for this reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee with no hassles - we have many fragrances and we want to be your Amazon candle supplier. See our other items for more bulk votive candles or a pre-made gift basket. Invigorate your home or office with the relaxing aroma of green tea and citrus. These candles burn best when they are placed in a votive holder with a 2" diameter. 

Today I will be doing a review on the Green Tea Party Votive Candles. I was very excited when I got the chance to review this product, I have used candles like this one prior however this candle was way different! The amount of aroma this little candle put out was amazing. I found that using just one candle in a room would fill the room, and it lasted quite a while as well! The packaging was perfect, the minute I opened the box It smelt like heaven! 

I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for smaller candles that have the intensity of a bigger candle that would cost much more!

Go to their amazon link

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Enlightened Ambience Dickens Christmas Candles Review

Today I will be doing a review on the Enlightened Ambience christmas candles. Normally I do not like candles scented to this I am normally into the very sweet and flower scents. However when getting this product before even opening the box I noticed the scent and fell in love with it. This box came with 24 candles that were very long burning, and using one would fill the room up without a problem. 

Click to go to their amazon page
Their website

  • - Long Burning 14-16 hours hand poured in the U.S.A with cotton wick
  • - Perfect for any holiday occasion
  • Old fashioned Christmas fragrance with wassail, orange and cinnamon, juniper
  • Bulk set of 24
  • -2 Inches tall from base to tip of wax 1 3/8 INCHES IN DIAMETER


These candles are the holiday secret to filling your home with the aroma of an old fashioned Christmas, Dickens Christmas candles evoke memories of your grandmother's christmas tree with warm apple cider in front of a glowing fire. This scent includes a background of wassail simmering on the stove. Dickens Christmas is the scent of orange and apple cider with back notes of cinnamon stick, nutmeg, juniper and pinecones. Candles can create a mood, and set the stage for any event. They can evoke memories from the past and help create new happy moments. They can make a room feel comfortable and cozy. Candles make the perfect gift for a house warming, hostess, and adult birthday or for any holiday. These candles are made by hand here in the U.S.A. A portion of each sale goes to help disabled children. These candles are even burning. These candles are full of fragrance. 

This post has been sponsored by However all thoughts and opinions within this post belong to me & is how I truly feel about this company& the products they produce. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Idesign Review

Product Description
• ULTRA LIGHT SHATTERPROOF 62MM AVIATOR FRAME: 310 Stainless steel shatterproof super light frame with unique durable design present the top class quality. If you like ray ban and oakley aviator or rayban wayfarer sunglasses, you will also enjoy these cool sunglasses.

• NYLON LENS 100% UV400 PROTECTION: the TR90 lenses ensure 100% of UV protection (UVA, UVB, UVC) and block harmful blue light up to 400nm & provide superb optical clarity.

• SUPER COMFORTABLE: ultra light weight frame with synthetic rubber earpieces and nose-pads will give you ultimate comfort experience and ideal for outdoor activities such as driving, golfing, hiking, camping, poor party, picnic, outdoor hangout, and you name it.
• STYLISH FASHION DESIGN: new screw free design will lead you to the edge of fashion industry, make you look great and feel great.

• ORIGINAL FROM FRANCE & HANDMADE: this delicate screwless design is original from France and we use handmade process to make it perfect.

Product Description:
The i-Design Sunglasses Screw Free Ultra Light Aviator ID1017 are SUPER COMFORTABLE with STYLISH FASHION DESIGN FOR MEN AND WOMEN. The 310 stainless steel shatterproof top quality frame makes the sunglasses SUPER LIGHT. The synthetic rubber earpieces and nose-pads will give you the ULTIMATE COMFORT EXPERIENCE and make you feel great with theses COOL SUNGLASSES. The Nylon TR90 lenses ensure 100% of UV protection (UVA, UVB, UVC) and block harmful blue light up to 400nm & provide superb optical clarity. HANDMADE process make these sunglasses perfect. 

• Lens width: 62 mm
• Lens height: 52 mm
• Bridge: 11 mm
• Arm: 138 mm
• Stainless Steel frame

What's in the box:
• i-Design Sunglasses x 1
• Original Sunglasses Box x 1
• Sunglasses Bag x 1
• Customized Cleaning Cloth x 1

Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches
Product Weight: 1.1 ounces
Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces

Today I will be doing a review on the I-Design sunglasses. I was very excited to get the chance to review these sunglasses. The one thing that I love about these sunglasses is how perfectly they fit my face, and how they do not fall off of my face. 

I-Design sunglasses

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