Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review: Makeup By One Direction limited edition line

       Today i will reviewing The One Direction Limited edition makeup! I was so exited to have the chance to review this product! Let me start off by telling you exactly what is in this makeup tin. First there is a total of 5 tins each tin has a different band member on it Snatch up you're favorite band member! Or why not all?! Within the tin comes 6 eye shadows, 1 eye pencil, 4 lip glosses, 1 lip gloss top coat, 2 nail polish's and 2 applicators. Going into the eye shadows the colors are amazing they are very pigmented without leaving ANY fall out and there is a wide range for everyday looks to night out looks. The first eye shadow is I WOULD its a smokey brown color with shimmer which makes it so girly and perfect for a night out, the 2nd eye shadow is TELL ME A LIE which is my favorite! It is a nude pink with shimmer and a metallic hint, the 3rd eye shadow is SOME MISTAKES this color is amazing its the perfect minty sea green color great for a inner duck or all over color! the 4th eye shadow is a great highlight and inner duck color its called NOBODY COMPARES its a very shimmery silver color very pretty, the 5th eye shadow is SUMMER LOVE  this color is perfect for a all over lid for a girls night out its a smokey purple with hints of glitter, the last eye shadow is EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU great for a darker smokey eye its a black with shimmer. Along with all of these amazing eye shadows you have a eye pencil called I WANT which is a true matte black to pull the whole eye look together!
       Going into the lip gloss's they are very moisturizing but not sticky. There are 4 colors ranging from hot pink to a perfect shimmery nude! Lets start off with my favorite which is LOVED YOU FIRST it is the perfect barbie hot pink summer shade! Next but not far behind in the pink range is Irresistable its more of a wearable color its a rosey pink shade which shimmer and glitter, going into the lighter shades we have ONE THING which is the perfect frosted pink ice color, and HEART ATTACK which is on the nude side with a creamy rose shimmer. To complete the lip color comes a lip gloss top coat called OVER AGAIN which is a great silver glittery sparkle clear coat that will pop with any 4 lip gloss shades in the tin!
       The tin contains 2 nail polish's one called STOLE MY HEART now this shade is perfect for fall and winter! Its the most amazing magenta pink and red shimmer color I have ever seen! As well as a multi-colored glitter nail polished called ALIVE. I painted my nails with STOLE MY HEART and then topped it off with ALIVE for one of the prettiest nail duos I have ever worn! I got compliments everytime i wore it! This tin also comes with 2 applicators One for the eye shadows, and one for the lip colors. I used both applicators and had no problems with the application very durable applicators.
       Lets talk about the actual packaging itself. The tin is very durable and sturdy not to mention you have one of your favorite band members on the front! When i opened the tin i was actually amazed by the artistic drawings on the left side. It really shows that each band member put in their own personal style and work into this makeup line!
      This makeup line is limited edition and only comes out in certain stores. Lets talk about where you can get your own! This makeup line will be advailable November 15th at retailers such as Target, Sears USA, Walmart CANADA and kmart! How would you like the chance to win your own limited edition tin from One Direction?! Before entertaining make sure you go to their facebook page! Follow, Like, and find out all the great new products coming out!
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Review: Adeline Organic Eye Serum

First let me start off by saying i love the texture and consistentcy or this product! This products texture is very soft and gel like. A little goes along way with this eye serum. The products pump ensures you are getting the right amount of product without over doing it. One pump covers my entire eye area with plenty to spear. 
       There are some really amazing ingredients in this eye serum such as cucumber extract, chamomile extract, aloe, and sunflower seed oil. The scent of this product is a little overwhelming however it goes not stick around for more then a minute or so. The eye serum soaks into the skin without any problem leaving a soft non-greasy feel to my skin.
       This product did not irritate my eye area at all. Actually it left my eye area feeling very fresh, and renewed. Normally i put this serum on daily at night so i can relax my eye area to get the full benefits of this serum. I have already noticed a difference in my eye area, my eye area is less puffy and tighter then before. Why not try out Adelines Hyaluronic Acid serum and see how great this companys products are!!

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Blog giveaway: Authentic Skin Cares Anti-Aging moisturizer

If you are interested in winning your own Authentic Skin Cares Anti-Aging Moisturizer feel free to leave a comment below, or shoot me a tweet on twitter! @thatgirl01x. Contest will end the end of December Leave a comment or tweet stating why you want to win this product!

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Review: Anti Aging Moisturizer

        Today i will be reviewing Anti-Aging Moisturizer from Authentic Skincare. I can not say enough good things about this product from the amazing sleek packaging to the feeling it has given my skin! This Anti-Aging formula is packed with amazing ingredients like witch hazel, shea butter, peppermint oil, and green tea extract. 
       I love the packaging it is very sleek and eye catching, The pump on the product is very sensitive to the touch so no need to press hard on it. I also like the amount of product that the pump produces, just the right amount to cover your face. I normally put the product on before going to bed, and when i wake up i am left with amazingly soft skin. I have also noticed the small amount of wrinkles i have under my eye area are now barely there. 
       The product soaked into my skin amazingly quick leaving my skin very soft , but not greasy. The scent is very minty, but not a overly powerful scent. It is not a scent that hangs around after being soaked into the skin. If you have tried Anti-Aging products before with no luck be sure to try Authentic skincares Anti-Aging it works wonders! I have very sensitive skin and i have not experienced any blemishes, breakouts, or irritations from this product!
       If you are interested in getting this product and seeing the amazing results you're skin deserves follow the link below to their amazon page and get you'res! 

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Review: Dr Songs Hyaluronic Acid Serum

              Today I will be reviewing Dr Songs Hyaluronic Acid serum. First let me start off by saying i have tried over 7 different Hyaluronic acids with only a few actually working for me. This Hyaluronic Acid contains Vitamin C, jojoba oil, and purified water! At first i used this product all over my face not really noticing much of a difference. I then decided to try something else! I put this Hyaluronic Acid on at night right after the shower under my eyes, cause i do have dark circles under my eyes. After about a week or so of using this product i started to see that my dark circles were basically fading. So i would put this product on let it soak into my skin for about 5 minutes, and top it off with a moisturizer of my choice! Now i have came across a few Hyaluronic Acids that are very liquidy which i dont like so i was happy to see this was more of a gel formulation! I have very sensitive skin so i was afraid this product would dry my skin out or irritate it. However i felt no dryness and my skin was not red or irritated throughout the whole process of using this product daily. I have seen amazing results in such a short period of time i cant wait to continue use and see how amazing it makes my skin! 

              If you are interested in using this product and see what amazing things it will do for your skin follow the below link to their amazon page and get your's today! 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The review of Waves of love

Today I will be reviewing a ebook titled Waves of love. I have never been one to personally enjoy reading love stories, however for some reason this book left me very intrigued. This book takes place in florida, where there are two main characters sage whom is a very independent women who owns her own bookstore. Sage engolfs herself in her work! The 2nd main character is named Derek Chambers. Derek is the complete opposite of sage. Sage being reserved, and derek being a carefree surfer. Derek however is not just any surfer he actually writes books on surfing. This is where the story begins, Derek goes into Sage's bookstore looking to host a book signing. That then turns into Derek asking Sage if he can teach her how to surf. Sage being 32 years of age and Derek being 10 years younger at 22, can a 10 year age gap seal the deal for true love, or break it apart? I loved this book and i think you will to!! If you are interested in finding out if Sage and Derek make a love connection that can surpass their age difference get the book here:

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: Abigail and the Sahara adventure

    Today i will be reviewing the childrens book Abigail and the Sahara Adventure. Not many of you know but i have a daughter whom i can NEVER get to sit down and read a book. Shes at that age were nothing can seem to catch her attention! My daughter really liked the magical feel the book had, where Abigail was able to take off to a fantasy land with her magical bike. Not only was this book fun for my daughter to read, but it was also educational. As soon as my daughter finished the book, she asked me to look up more books from this author! 
     If you have a child who you cant get to sit down and read try this book, and many other great educational books from Tali Carmi! Get your book today by going to this link:

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Foxbrim's Hyaluronic Acid Serum!

Today i will be reviewing Foxbrim's Hyaluronic acid serum! First let me start off by saying this product has done some amazing things for my skin. My skin is very senitive, which makes it impossible for me to try alot of acid serums. However this Hyaluronic Acid left my skin feeling smooth and soft without any irritation or breakouts. I put this product on at night before going to bed. After the very first day of using this product i could see a difference in my skin. I tend to have dark circles under my eyes from time to time and my skin is not as smooth as i would like. After a day using this i noticed my skin was smoother then normal, and the dark circles were fading. I also noticed my face was brighter, I looked more awake then i normally would first waking up!
    I have tried other serum's like this one but none compare! This Hyaluronic Acid serum did not burn or itch when putting it on. The consistancy of this product was very different as well, it was not watery it was more gel like which made the product soak right into my skin without leaving a greasy, mask like feel. Instead it gave my skin a cooling feel and was not harsh at all.

Hyaluronic acid serum is packed with tons of great ingredients to promote anti-aging, as well as anti-wrinkles. Some of the ingredients include Jojoba oil, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin E, and many more! This product is safe for all skin types. Would you like to get rid of dull skin, and give you're skin a fresher look? Want to get rid of dark spots, and wrinkles? Try this product it did wonders for me!
This product is available on amazon at :

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review Haven Part 1 &2

 Today i will be reviewing a book titled Haven. First let me start off by saying this book kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I engulfed myself in this book and found myself reading the first part in one sitting! This novel is filled with magic and fantasy! I found that it was hard for me to put the book down from start to finish!
    From the very first chapter of this novel I knew reading the 2 part novel would be a few day mission! From the first chapter i could tell Sam, and his family were very different then they led onto be. Both Sam and his sister Sarah were experiencing very weird things that did not add up. They kept these weird happenings to themselves, afraid no one they told would believe them.
    The first part of the novel A Stranger Magic gives you a little background, and insight on Sam, his family, and how different each family member is. I started to learn that what seems to be a very normal family, is everything but normal. Sam is at the begging a very normal boy, always fighting with his sister, and saying things he shouldn't. Sarah however was the complete opposite she had a wall up most of the first part, and acted how she thought others would want her to act. Bottling up all of her emotions, and letting them all out at once is what led her to realize she was very different then everyone else.
     Going into the 2nd part of the novel titled Revenge of the viper I began to learn how significant Sam was to his family, and how it was up to him to save them, and keep them together! Haven seemed like such a small town a very normal town with different groups, and normal families .However Haven wasn't normal Haven was a very dark town with hidden dark secrets. A town that inhabited supernatural beings of all sorts. Sam finds himself and his family in danger, and Sams the only one who can keep them safe! Will sam be able to keep his cool, and take on all thats being thrown at him? Will he be able to keep his family safe from the Viper? If you want to know more about this book, and you are interested in buying it click below!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Review: Points4Rewards

    Points4Rewards is a smaller make money for survey website but none the less is an amazing site in its own way. I have been on this website for a little over two years. They have many ways to make money normal surveys, daily surveys, earning money from people who sign up under you, daily games, and contest they have. The owner of the site is constantly in the chat to answer any questions or concerns anyone has, as well as the payout being a very low dollar! It is also a instant pay, so no waiting around for someone to approve your payment! If you are looking for some extra cash (specially now! they are having really great contest for around the holiday season) sign up! Do not expect to make thousands, but who couldn't use a extra $30-$60 a week?! I do not earn anything for you guys signing up if you are interested sign up HERE!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review; Crowdtap

  I have not been part of this Crowdtap community for to long. I have not gotten into any of the samples either. However the "quickies" are pretty fun to take, and you get chances towards gift cards at the end of the month. The Quickies take about 10-15 minutes per-day to completes them all. Within my first month of being on Crowdtap i won a amazon gift card through the community. 
  The community is always updating the Quickies and things to do, so its pretty hard to run out of things to do. Now how you get the points towards winning the gift cards is very easy. Each Quickie or mission you do you can win anywhere from 20-100 points, and if you complete in discussion the point pay out is even higher (I have seen up to 2000 points). Each 100points=1 raffle ticket towards the gift card drawing. 
  I highly recommend this site seeing as you only spend a few minutes enabling you to have a chance to win a few gift cards, and if you are lucky you might get the chance to try some new products! If you are interested in looking at this site and finding out more information Click here!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Review; Four Mothers by Shifra Horn

       This book intrigued me start to finish. This book takes place in Jerusalem, the novel gives you a sense of what five generations of women went through. There was so much within this book i did not expect from generations of failed marriages, and so much turmoil. The author of this book Shifra Horn did a great job on capturing realism and putting fourth so much effort to connect the story together. 
     The moment i sat down and started reading the first chapter i knew this book would be one of my favorites. I did not expect to read the book within one sitting, however it was so hard to turn away chapter after chapter. My emotions were fully into the book that i lost track of time and before i knew it i read the full book in one night! The author brought this book to life for me, i felt like i could feel the emotions and connections between the main characters. 
      I felt like sara made the book what it was. To sit back and read everything that she was going through, and what her family went through as well just made me put my hole heart into this book and continue reading page after page. I felt a strong sense of passion while reading this novel. Best book i have read in quit sometime, and plan to read more books in the future by this author if possible!

Interested in reading this Historical masterpiece? BUY HERE!

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