Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

     Today I will be reviewing Garcinia Cambogia Extract. I was amazed to find out some of the amazing things this product does. One thing that stood out to me the most is when it says it helps people who tend to eat more when they stress by suppressing their appetite.  That was so true, ever since I was little my main way to get through stress is to eat like most people. I tended not to get full fast so that then caused me to put on some weight. Through out these holidays my life has been stressed nothing to bad but I do tend to stress very easy. I did not find myself looking for a food as a comfort or even feeling like I was hungry at all. I started to feel as if my energy levels were up as well. I normally would wake up and feel as if I did not get enough sleep. After taking this product for about 3 weeks I noticed that I started to get less sleep but still feel as if I did not need anymore. I would normally come home and take naps, but with this product I did not feel the need to come home and take a nap. As well as raising my energy levels I felt that my mood changed from being a not so happy mood to me being always happy. If you like me have issues with eating when you are stressed causing you to put on a few extra pounds give this product a chance and see all the amazing things it can do for you.

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