Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ballroom Dancing Round 2

     Today I will be reviewing the 7 disc set of Ballroom Dancing round 2. By now I have been threw a few dance dvd's so I have gotten the hang of learning moves step by step. I thought at first that this dvd set would be a little slow to learn and kind of boring. However it was super fun and easy to pick up! I never thought I would be interested in learning Ballroom Dancing but it was one of the best dances I have learned. What I loved most about it was that I did not have to pause or think twice about what they were telling me to do, it all came naturally for a non-dancer. I love the amount of time they give you with the 7 disc set, it was never boring and I never felt like it was repeating itself like most step by step dance disc's do. I feel like this set will be in a weekly routine for me since I find it amazing to use as a work out or just as a extra cardio! 

                         Get your 7 disc set today!

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