Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pet urine odor and stain remover review

     Today I will be reviewing Pet urine odor and stain remover. Let me start off by saying I used this product on stains that have been within my carpet for awhile. I had tried so many pet stain removers none of which worked or they ruined my carpet. To my surprise this product had actually removed the stain and gave the carpet where the stain was a very good scent. My cat had kittens and even though we litter trained them some stains were created after using this product they no longer went to that spot. This product not only cleans the stains and removes the odor but it also has something to prevent the animals from coming back to the same location. I was amazed to find out this product uses softer grade chemicals that will not ruin your carpet. Most stain removers like the ones I have used before use harsh chemicals that have a strong smell. which replaces one bad smell with another bad smell and ends up damaging your carpet.
     If you have any type of animal and we all know accidents happen this product is for you! No matter if the stain is months old or brand new this will take it away. Stop using removers with harsh chemicals that will tear your carpet apart or make matters worse. Try this product and see how amazing it works.

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