Monday, January 5, 2015

Liztek Ultra-Portable wireless

     Today I will be reviewing Liztek's Ultra-Portable wireless blue tooth speaker. I loved this product everything about it was amazing! From the size of the speaker to the amount of sound put out by it. I loved how easy it was to pair all my devices to it. I also loved how easy it was to connect to my computer and laptop to use as a speaker to make my computer louder. I like to watch movies on my laptop but I am always having to plug in head phones to hear what they are saying in the movie. I was so happy to find out I could just use a standard audio jack to plug into my laptop and make the sound louder. I also loved how far away from the blue tooth I could be and it would still pick up the single and play. The cord that comes with the speaker is very long so you can lay it on a desk or a table and not have to worry about the device having to sit right on top of the speaker. If you are looking for a good but small speaker to you to boost your laptop or any devices sound check this product out!! 

                        Get yours from amazon today!
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