Thursday, January 8, 2015

FoxBrim's Vitamin C serum

     Today I will be reviewing Foxbrim's Vitamin C serum. I loved the way this product made my face feel. It gave my face a refreshing and cooling feeling something that no product has given me before. When reading what this product does I was expecting the product to burn a little and give me a little irritation. However this product did not mess with my skin at all or even give me the littlest break out. After using this product for about 2 weeks I started to notice my skin looked a lot younger, and my fine lines was barely noticeable. What I found amazing about this product is it even took care of my sun spots by evening out my skin tone! 

  • Key Ingredients Include:

  • + Vitamin C - Promote collagen formation while fighting against free radicals
  • + Vitamin E - Essential antioxidant that helps protect and nourish skin
  • + Amino Complex - Effective skin repair treatment to keep skin firm
  • + Hyaluronic Acid - Unmatched natural moisturizer for plump and smooth skin

     If you are looking for a product that is going to boost

 your skins complexion by evening it out and give your skin 

a freshed look try this product!!

                             Get your product here!

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