Monday, December 29, 2014

Softy Sanitizing Wipes Review

     Today I will be reviewing Softy's Sanitizing Wipes. This product can be used either to clean your hands or even to sanitize surfaces. I used these sanitizing wipes on everything from my kitchen table to my shoes! One issue that I run into with many sanitizer wipes is they have to much liquid within the clothe. Softy's had just the right amount! Enough to clean the product, but not enough to leave a wet or stained surface.
     The product contained 150 wipes which is amazing the largest I seen before trying Softy's was 100 count. Another amazing thing about these wipes is that they contain Vitamin E and Aloe which is great for your hands ensuring your hands stay moist, soft and do not dry out or flake off your skin. If you are looking for a good surface cleaner to actually get the job done try Softy's! 

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