Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lemon Zester

     Today I will be reviewing lemon zester and cheese grater in one. First let me start off by saying I never used a lemon zester or a grater of any kind. This christmas I made my Lemon Squares like always. I have never put actual lemon zest on top but I figured since I got this product why not try it out on this dish! After cooking the lemon squares I zested about half a lemon on the top. Let me just tell you it was amazing! It tasted 100 times better then without the zest.
     It was very simple and easy to use. I was worried about cutting myself if the lemon got to small but it was not sharp enough to cut me in any way which was amazing! After about a week I was thinking of ways to use this zester other then with lemons. I decided I was going to make a hott chocolate and grate some milk chocolate on top of the drink which I never have done and was unsure of how it would turn out. The zester was great it cut the chocolate up in small enough pieces that the chocolate melted perfect into the hott chocolate and made it taste alot better.
     If you bake a lot or just in general love to cook and want to obtain more kitchen equipment get this product today! 

What this product can be used for:

- Grate a rich Parmesan or Reggiano over your favorite pasta or salad
- Zest fruit including lemons, limes, oranges and coconuts
- Grate chocolate to sprinkle over delectable desserts or ice cream - Grate ginger or garlic for stir fries, stews and more
- Zest lime or orange over the top of your favor beer or cocktail
-Toss your old spices and grate fresh cinnamon and nutmeg for today's meals

Some information about this product:

- High grade stainless steel durable blade never needs sharpening
- Soft comfortable non-slip grip
- Unique ergonomic design for maximum control and easy use
- Bonus cover sleeve for worry-free storage

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