Friday, December 26, 2014

#1 Probiotic review

     Today I will be reviewing #1 Probiotic dietary supplement. First off let me just tell you that before taking this product I noticed my body was very sluggish. I would get 6-9 hrs of sleep a night but would still wake up feeling like I have gotten no sleep. After taking this product for about 2 weeks I started to feel like I had a lot more energy, and that I was feeling like I had gotten more sleep. This product is mainly suppose to help with digestion. I would notice for about a month before trying this product that my body would feel sluggish after eating my body felt really worn down.
     I can not wait to continue using this product to see how much it helps me! I really feel like my digestive and immune system got the boost it needed with this probiotic! If you are feeling sluggish and like you need a boost of energy try this product!!

#1 Probiotic

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