Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gurin Kitchen Scale

     Today I will be reviewing Gurin's Kitchen Scale. I loved this product! It made it so easy for me to weigh out my food and get the correct portion sizes. I have tried other Kitchen Scales before all of which have worked in the past but they have been kind of bulky. This Kitchen Scale is very slim and easy to put away so it is not in the way. I have decided to go on a diet and for me a diet isnt about starving myself but all about proportion control which this scale makes that so easy! I would weigh my meats such as chicken and hamburger and even weighed out rice and pasta to keep myself within a certain calorie range!  I think this Scale would be GREAT for anyone who is interested in losing weight and needs to limit their portions, or just individuals who are wanting to make it easier on themselves the measure food! If you are interested in purchasing this product and trying it out for yourself feel free to click below and get directed to their ordering page! 

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