Thursday, December 25, 2014

Never Hungover

     Today I will be reviewing the product never hungover. First let me start off by saying I do not drink a lot however when I do drink I get major hangovers. This product is available online at , amazon, and also available at any GNC store. You have the choice of a 2 oz bottle and a 750 ml bottle. I was sent the 2oz bottle to review which I easily was able to put into my purse to carry around. The directions state you drink one 2 oz per 4 drinks, and to take either before or while drinking.
     I drank one night only have 5 drinks however knowing I had work the next day. I drank the 2 oz bottle before actually drinking. Thankfully this product worked! I woke up feeling fine without a hangover or headache. The taste of the product was amazing a lot better smelling and tasting then I thought it would be. The Never Hungover taste like a lemon-lime powerade drink! You can use the liquid either as a mixer or drink it by itself Like i did. Also the 2 oz bottle contains - calories, 0 sugars, and 1 carbs. 

Get yours!!!
Never Hungover

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