Monday, February 9, 2015

Dead Sea Mud mask

     Today I will be reviewing 2 products from instaNaturals. Their Dead sea mud mask, and their Emu Oil. Their Dead Sea Mud mask is amazing! I was kind of afraid to put it all over my skin seeing as I have very sensitive skin. Due to that fact I put it on the lower half of my skin. After ONE day using it I noticed the acne I had was almost gone! Reading more into this product I found that the mask works by absorbing excess oil, dirt, and toxins to leave your skin smoother and free of acne, pimples, and blackheads. You get a huge 16 oz jar of 100% natural mineral infused dead sea mud mask. This product is a holistic detoxifier and purifier. This product is used to product radiant and refined skin. This product is made from mud found in the Mediterranean Sea containing minerals such as magnesium, sodium, bromine, potassium, and calcium.

     The next product I will be reviewing is Emu Oil. This product is great for hair, face, skin, and nails. This is a great multipurpose moisturizer that is enriched in fatty acids. If you dont know Fatty Acids are basically what keeps our faces plump and fill of vitamins that product our flawless youthful skin and keeps it! When using this product I did notice after about a week that My fine lines and wrinkles were not noticeable. This was due to the Oil plumping my skin and giving me a flawless and youthful look! If you have any fine lines and wrinkles OR just want to keep your youthful skin a little longer this product is for you!

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Dead Sea Mud Mask

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