Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CoverPlug Review

     Today I will be reviewing the CoverPlug. This CoverPlug serves as two main things. One being to protect your children and your home, and the other is that you can cover the plug and still visually know where the electrical outlet is. I used this product mainly for my children. I am always worrying about electrical outlets around any kids in my house it takes less then a minute for something bad to occur so I try to keep my house as safe as possible. This product was great because it gave me the safeness I was needing but I also knew where the electrical outlet was just in case I did need to use it again. I have tried other outlet covers from the stores around where I live and have returned all of them they either dont fit, dont work, or just fall off within a few days which did not make me feel like my house was safe. What I liked most about this along from the safety was I was able to paint this cover as well to match my rooms paint so it did not look oddly placed at all. 

If you are interested in keeping your house safe and still maintaining a visual barrier feel free to go and get your coverplug today HERE. You get two plugs per box.
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