Friday, January 22, 2016

Shot Glass review

Product Description
  • ☛ BIGGER IS BETTER - Our shot glass holds a full 2 ounce shot. Most others only hold 1.5 ounces

    ☛ HARRY POTTER INSPIRED - To close the Marauder's Map tap it and recite, "Mischief managed."

    ☛ BLACK IS BETTER - Seems that if you have a shot glass with writing on it you should be able to read it even if there's clear liquor inside. Glasses with etched lettering are almost impossible to read without a darker spirit inside.

    ♥ THE PERFECT GIFT - The best gifts surprise and delight the lucky receiver. What Harry Potter fan wouldn't love this?
  • ☛ TORTURE TESTED - Dishwasher safe. We even boiled it for an hour without a scratch

Product Description

Instructions For Shot Glass Use:
* Place Shot Glass on flat surface with open side up
* Pour Liquor(s) into the Glass
* Raise Glass off flat surface to lips in one swift motion
* Quickly empty contents into mouth
* Place Shot Glass back on flat surface
* Repeat if necessary
* Enjoy

Today I will be doing a review for the Harry Potter inspired Shot glass. When getting this product I thought it would be the normal size shot glass that I was use to, however it was bigger! With a bigger cup makes for more parting! I thought it was weird that it would state that it was Torture tested however I dropped the glass many times BY ACCIDENT of course without a broken shot glass!

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