Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Zakias Moroccan Clay powder

Learn About the Brand
Zakia's Morocco was created by the co-founder, Zakia Mejdoubi-Haman. Zakia's native country of Morocco is well known for the art of the Hammam and Oriental beauty treatments. Zakia has always sought natural products and knew the unique benefits of Argan Oil, Moroccan Black Soap, Ghassoul Clay should become more available internationally. We work superior quality craftsmen to provide products that are safe to use, safe for the environment and even provide social benefits. By supporting Zakia's Morocco, you are helping empower women, protecting the Argan forest, while preserving your wellness.

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask - A weekly mask with natural and organic clay from deep inside the Ancient Atlas Mountains of Morocco are the perfect skin treatment for cleaning, detoxifying, toning and rejuvenating. A facial mask treatment made from Ghassoul clay can be relaxing and give your skin a new healthy glow. Ghassoul clay's most impressive properties in skin improvement are its capacity of absorption and adsorption due to its high level of ion exchange. Ghassoul is a mineral rich, light brown clay that blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience. Use on skin and hair - it even makes for a fabulous shampoo; mix a small amount of powder in your favorite shampoo - wash and rinse. Super cleansing!

     Today I will be doing a review on a product I received from Brandbacker.com. I received a Zakia's Moroccan clay powder I was unsure how to work with this product as it was a brand  new product to me! When first opening the product I did notice the powder was very very fine, and a little went a long way. There was no scent to the powder itself, and works great for all skin types! How I used this product was by applying a small amount of water to a portion of the clay powder, then working the water into the powder to get a smooth texture. After doing that I rubbed the mask onto my face only applying a very thin layer like the directions called for!
     After using this mask 2 times a week for 2 weeks I started to notice right away after the first application that my skin felt a lot smoother, and softer. Like I said before a little goes a long way with this product, and using it 4 times I have not noticed even the smallest amount being used up. I can see having this product for quit a while! If you are looking for a good clay mask for sensitive skin this one might be for you.
This post has been sponsored by Brandbacker.com However all thoughts and opinions within this post belong to me. I received this product free of charge in return for my opinion However I would never recommend a product to my readers I am not 100% happy with!

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