Monday, April 6, 2015

Secure A Tank - Fix The Gap

Product Description
Designed to prevent leaks and damage caused by the gap between the toilet tank and wall, Secure-A-Tank is a fully adjustable brace which secures the toilet by bracing the gap.  Secure-A-Tank can be cut to size so that it fits the gap to enhance stability and support.  The extension and clip pieces are quick to assemble, and the brace is easy to install on the back edge of the tank.  The lid fits over the clips and hides the already clear Secure-A-Tank braces. Fix the gap before Uncle Carl comes to your house for Christmas dinner! 

This product came in handy. Its very easy to install and use. When I got the chance to review this product I had no idea what I would really use it for or if I would even be able to use it. However when getting it and trying it out I find out that it was very simple and easy to use! I had never seen such a unique product like this one before!

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